When someone says about the goa trip what comes to yours mind? of course, it something be like sunbath, beaches, parties…. isn’t it. well this reason is somewhat restricted because there are many other plenty of other things to do in goa. So if you plan for an exotic trip goa is right choice to look forward to. This trip will not let you down in front of yours family, spouse and friends. This place will surely sweep you off your feet and leave you with amazing lifetime memories.


Goa is also known as popular hubs for open air night clubs where the people with bacteria of parties found at one place without any doubt that is Tito’s Café Mambo. This club is also known as one of the famous site of the goa for an entertaining night. This club has also been awarded as “Best Nightclub in Goa” where one can enjoy the wonderful night life culture of Goa to the fullest.


Water sports is the great way to explore the indian beaches and discover the underwater life of ocean. Goa is one of best place across india which offers you the most thrilling water sports like para sailing, scuba-diving, water skiing, windsurfing etc.The best season to enjoy water sports in Goa is from October to May when the skies are bright and sea is placid.If you are planning to perform any of the water sports  on the scintillating deep ocean, Goa is the place to taste the real fun.


Churches is also one of the attracting tourist place of the goa with great architecture. church draws attention of almost every single tourist. Here you can know about the history of these houses of gods or simply can go to attend in mass. Some famous churches in Goa are Bom Jesus Basilica, Se Cathedral, Church of St Cajetan, Church of Our Lady of Miracles and Church of St. Francis of Assisi.


some people want to have tattoes? Goa is the best place where you find a finest tatto artists. so without thinking much, woo yours spouse or give a surprise to yours folks by getting inked and take back a life time memory along with you.



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